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Breathe Your Troubles Away Workshop

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, worry or panic? Would you like to learn some coping techniques to help you manage things better? In this one-hour workshop, I will teach you the importance of controlled breathing, how it helps to alleviate...

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Reiki Volunteers Wanted

Would You Like To Experience A Reiki Session For FREE? I am an advanced reiki practitioner with lots of experience of working with clients. This year, I am working towards the final step on my reiki journey which is to take the masters course which will allow me to...

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Heal Anxiety Holistically Workshop

Does anxiety control you and prevent you from doing the things you want? Having the odd anxious moment isn't the end of the world. It can motivate us and help us do things we never usually would. But, when anxiety starts to take control of us and prevents us from...

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Vietnam Retreat – November 2016

Travel Into The Heart Of Cultures And Find Yourself At Our Vietnam Retreat I am delighted to be partnering with TNN Travel to bring you this holistic retreat to Vietnam. We have a full programme of holistic workshops, yoga, meditation and sightseeing for you spread...

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Mandala Workshop – 23rd October 2016

A mandala is a sacred circle that represents wholeness, spititual growth and the universe. It helps us reconnect with our centre or core, putting our heart, mind and body in balance. Creating a mandala is deeply soothing and relaxing, thus bringing forth natural...

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Guided Meditation – 19th September 2016

Join me for a special introductory guided meditation session. Weekly classes will then commence from 10th October and evening sessions will follow soon too. Monday 19th September 9am - 10am Arabian Ranches Golf Club - The Loft The Benefits Of Regular Guided...

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