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I offer ThetaHealing® Energy Downloads on my Facebook group and my Instagram account. But what are these downloads and how to they work? As a ThetaHealer, I am trained to send the energy of a feeling or an affirmation to anyone who chooses to accept it. We call these energetic transmissions Downloads.

Some people have never experienced certain feelings, others have lots them along the way. With ThetaHealing, we can create these feelings so that you have an understanding of them. These feelings and affirmations are sent out into the universe using ThetaHealing to be absorbed by anyone who wishes to receive them. The energy of feelings cannot be sent to anyone against their free will and that is why there needs to be an acknowledgement of acceptance but means of liking of typing yes in the comments.

Why not join in now and see how your life will change for the better?

Look out for the downloads that I offer on my social media accounts, read the words and if you decide that you want to receive their energy, say yes!


Suz McDonald

Suz McDonald

Founder of Heart Mind Happy

I am a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, life management consultant and a mandala artist. Also certified reiki and Access Bars, I combine these techniques to bring about positive change in your life.

Join me for a one on one consultation or a meditation and mandala workshop and take the first step to changing your life for the better.

“The ThetaHealing® Technique is a meditation training technique utilising a spiritual philosophy for improvement and evolvement of mind, body and spirit.”

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