Insomnia and sleep deprivation effects

I wrote a post a while back about a quick way to get back to sleep if you waken in the night. You can read it here. It’s a quick fix for a short term issue with sleep. However, insomnia and that keeps you awake for nights on end is a more serious problem and can have long term consequences.

How Insomnia Effects Our Minds

Getting enough sleep is crucial for the body but more importantly, the mind. Insomnia and sleep deprivation causes the area of the brain responsible for processing language to shut down and this manifests itself as slurred speech and difficulty in thinking of imaginative words and ideas. It renders the logical processing region of the brain inactive making it difficult to focus on a task and to solve problems. Cell regeneration of neurons and muscles, which happens when we sleep does not take place causing weakness, exhaustion, confusion and memory loss. Behavioural issues such as becoming angry, irritable and over emotional are all linked to sleep deprivation.

Severe sleep deprivation can eventually lead to hallucinations. This may be due to the brain not being able to dream. REM, or dreaming sleep is vital, in order for the mind to store and process what it needs to in the subconscious. In the 1920s, radio presenter Peter Tripp famously went for 8 days without sleep as a publicity stunt. He suffered from hallucinations and delusions and never fully recovered from the effects.

How To Stop Insomnia

It is normal to go through temporary phases where we find it difficult to sleep. Times of stress, grief, trauma or when we are new parents are typical causes of insomnia. However, if these periods in our lives start to last for several weeks or months, it is time to take action and get help.

Identifying the root cause of your insomnia is important and then dealing with the underlying issue is crucial. Are you avoiding an issue, stressed at work, in a bad relationship or does it come from something that happened in your childhood? Maybe you saw a parent suffering from insomnia and believe that you have the same genetic tendency. Perhaps you are taking medication that has the side effect of insomnia. Once you have uncovered the cause and dealt with it, you should find that sleep comes more easily.

Learning relaxation techniques and/or meditation will also assist in switching off your thoughts and allowing you to fall asleep. Getting enough physical exercise and avoiding naps during the day will also help you sleep.

The Theta Brainwave And Its Effect On Sleep

The theta brainwave is the brainwave that our minds use to induce sleep. It is the brainwave that we are in when just dropping off to sleep, just waking up and in deep dreaming sleep. It was once believed that this brainwave was only accessible through years of deep meditation but with ThetaHealing, we can now access the theta brainwave in a very short time. Accessing this brainwave, is the answer to a good night’s sleep.

In the early days when I was learning ThetaHealing, I was going though a difficult time in my life and suffered badly from insomnia. We we told to practice the meditation technique that is  taught as the foundation of ThetaHealing as often as possible in order to familiarise ourselves with it and so that it became second nature to us. When I woke in the night, I figured that I may as well do something useful with my time and so I would practice. I soon realised that I would fall asleep again within minutes of beginning. I have now been using this technique for three years and very seldom so I ever have an issue getting to sleep nowadays.



Insomnia Annihilator Package

I have created a package which will take you to the root cause of your insomnia, change your beliefs about sleep and teach you how to access the theta brainwave for yourself, allowing you to fall asleep easily and effortlessly. I will also reset your body clock so that your circadian rhythm is in balance with the time zone that you are currently in allowing for optimal cell regeneration, hormone balance and balanced blood pressure. Why not book in and make the commitment to get a good night’s sleep from today?

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Suz McDonald

Suz McDonald

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