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It’s well documented that meditation is good for us and more and more schools around the world are introducing meditation for children to their curriculums.

We often think that it’s just adults that need help with their feelings. However, it’s vitally important that we help our children deal with emotions that arise. It can often be the first time they are experiencing an emotion and have no idea how to deal with it. As parents, it’s our responsibility to help them and guide them through it. Never dismiss it no matter how you are feeling yourself as it can set up a negative pattern that they might take into adulthood. Be gentle and kind, help them understand and take action to change how they feel. Children are under tremendous pressure to do well in school, in sport and other activities in this modern age.

You can help your children cope with their feelings and emotions by encouraging them to meditate.


Here are my top five guided meditations for children:

1. Hot Air Ballon Ride

Length: 14:47

Why I like it: The narrator’s voice is deep and relaxing. Perfect for bedtime as it begins by getting children settled in bed. Prepares children using breathing and positive words and imagery. Affirms that the listener is safe which is very important when visualising.

2. The Friendly Whale

Length: 17:56

Why I like it: Good for daytime meditation as it rouses children from the meditation at the end. Uses ocean, beach and bird sounds to help with visualisation of being by the sea. Allows children use their own imagination by asking them to visualise colours, smells, sensations for themselves? Children have a chance to release any worries they may have during the meditation.

3. Magic Bubbles

Length: 10:17

Why I like it: This is a wonderful guided meditation that helps children let go of worries and anxiety. A great tool for managing negative feelings.

4. Kids 5 Minute Meditation

Length: 5:36

Why I like it: A great short meditation which is perfect for kids who struggle with focus and keeping still. Children with ADD, ADHD or confidence issues will benefit from this meditation.

5. Enchanted Forest

Length: 4:58

Why I like it: It’s short so it works well for children wish a short attention span and for younger children too as it contains lots of magical visualisations. Pure fantasy and magic. I love this as it awakened my inner child.

Bonus Meditation

Length: 53:24

Why I like it: It’s almost an hour long so lots of listen to. This is actually a collection of short guided meditations all in one video. My advice would be to play it and note down the time that each new meditation begins so you can scroll to it next time.

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Suz McDonald

Suz McDonald

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