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Today, 14th February is most commonly known as St Valentine’s Day. I prefer to think of it as Soulmate Day. A day to honour your current soulmate if you have one and a day to manifest for a soulmate to come into your life if you don’t. So, how do you find your soulmate?

There is at least one soulmate somewhere in the world for us in our current lifetime – often many more. Soulmates can be anyone: a partner, a best friend, or even your pet. A soulmate is someone that you love unconditionally that loves you back in equal measure and someone you connect with at a very deep “soul” level.

In order to find your most compatible soulmate, you must manifest for them and have cleared any issues that may be blocking you from attracting one. Here are some things to focus on in order to find your soulmate.

Write A List Or Create A Mind Map

Detail exactly what you want in a soulmate. Be specific: human, gender, personality traits, race, religion, age etc. Lists and mind maps are a great way of focusing you on and keeping you on target. Once you manifest for your soulmate, the universe will answer your call so make sure you ask for exactly what you want.

Clear Past Relationship Traumas

Let go of past hurts, heartbreaks and resentment you have towards your previous partners. If you are aware that you are attracting a partner with a trait that you do not want, you need to release yourself from any obligation you have to bringing that type of person into your reality.

Be Open To Receive Love

Some of us don’t know how to give love or receive love. This may be because it was never given as a child. Once we know how to accept love into our loves, we will attract it.

Love Yourself

If you don’t love yourself, how can you expect anyone else to love you? If there’s something about you that you don’t like, change it. Work on this every day. Loving yourself without ego and accepting yourself for who you are will change your energy and will attract a soul mate that will match this new energy.


Once you have worked on these few things, you must also manifest for a soulmate. Putting intent out into the universe for a soul mate to come will allow the law of attraction to work. Meditate and visualise your soulmate being in your life now and be open to receive. You may be surprised at how many are out there waiting for the call.

Happy Soulmate Day everyone!



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