Your Heart And Mind Are Connected

You know that feeling when you help someone out and they they tell you how grateful they are? You feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it brings a great feeling of joy to your heart. This is the feeling of being appreciated, the feeling of gratitude. It is one of the most powerful of all human emotions. When we live in gratitude every day it can bring about great changes to our lives.

Studies show that being in a positive frame of mind will boost your immune system whilst the opposite is true when you feel negative. Therefore, to maintain a healthy mind, body and soul, it is beneficial to be in a state of gratitude as much as possible.

It is quick and easy to summon the feeling of appreciation. Thinking about a loved one,  a favourite place or a happy memory will all conjure up a connection between your heart and mind thus improving your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being. The more you are in a state of appreciation and gratitude, the deeper your connection with your heart, your intuition and the entire universe will be.

How To Live In Gratitude

Keep A Gratitude Diary

Keep a small notebook to hand and every time your feel gratitude or appreciation, write it down. Write down all the people and things in life that you appreciate. Each morning, choose one or two things from this list and keep your thoughts about them with you throughout the day. As you go to bed each night, take one thing from the list and think about it as you fall asleep.

Take A Gratitude Break

At least twice per day, take two minutes out to sit quietly and think about the items on your appreciation list. Close your eyes and breathe deeply focussing your consciousness on your heart. Imagine that the things you are grateful for are filling your heart and every cell of your body. It only takes a short time to attain this emotional physical balance.

Be Grateful In The Present

Having a stressful day? You can retrieve that feeling of happiness and balance very quickly and easily. Keep your gratitude diary nearby and when needed, pick something on your list and follow the steps above for the appreciation break. It should only take you 30 seconds to transform those feeling of stress to something altogether more pleasant.


ThetaHealing DownloadWould you like to know how to feel gratitude and appreciation for all things in your life? To know that you are worthy of having that feeling of gratitude and to know that the more you appreciate in life, the deeper your connection to the universe is? To know that it is safe and possible for you to have gratitude and appreciation in your daily life at all times without the need to struggle to find it and that with a thought you can bring yourself to a moment of calm where you can feel that gratitude in the highest and best way?

Comment yes in the comments section below and be open to receive the energy of these feelings and I will send them to you.

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Suz McDonald

Suz McDonald

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I am a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor, life management consultant and a mandala artist. Also certified reiki and Access Bars, I combine these techniques to bring about positive change in your life.

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