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I was recently asked to perform a Baby Blessingway for my friend Sam who is expecting her second child. She had been through a difficult time during and after the birth of her daughter and wanted things to be different this time around. This time her intention is to have a healthy pregnancy, an informed and controlled delivery and a positive bonding experience with her newborn. She is using a combination of affirmations, meditation, hypnobirthing and ThetaHealing® to facilitate this.

Baby Blessingways are gaining in popularity as a more spiritual alternative to a baby shower. While the focus of a baby shower is very much on the unborn baby and fun and games, with a blessingway, it is more on the celebration of women and of the transition to motherhood.

What Is A Baby Blessingway?

A Blessing Way or Mother’s Blessing is traditionally a Navajo (Native American) ritual created to spiritually support and empower an expectant mother for her journey of birthing and motherhood. The tradition can also be found in some form or other across the globe in many cultures. A Baby Blessingway has its roots in Native American, Indian and Middle Eastern traditions.

Historically, the woman of the village or tribe would gather together when the pregnant woman is in her eighth month of gestation. A circle was formed and happy uplifting stories are shared about birth and becoming a mother. Prayers and blessings are offered to the mother-to-be and the women in attendance show their support. In more modern times, many women are now choosing to recreate these rituals of old and they are becoming part of a new spiritual traditional.

What Happens At A Blessingway

There are many rituals that can be included within the Blessingway. I met with Sam to discuss options and we came up with a plan that was personal and meaningful to her and that also stayed true to the roots that the ceremony originates from.

First, a circle is formed and all the women sit round it to create a sanctuary. Smudging the circle with sage wards off negative energies and invokes protection, safety and security. The intention of the ceremony is then set bringing everyone into focus of why they have gathered.

As a ThetaHealer, I began Sam’s ceremony with a theta meditation and a beautiful exercise which sends love to the participants when they were babies in their mother’s wombs and to the unborn child who is present too. All participants then picked an oracle card from a deck and I read each person’s personal message.

Each participant in the circle then tells an uplifting story, recites a prayer, give a special message or bestows a blessing on the expectant mother and lights a candle as they do so.

Finally the circle is completed by the weaving of a ribbon or thread that binds the women together in sisterhood. Each takes a turn to cut the cord to the next and tie the thread around the wrist. This thread serves to keep the pregnant woman in everyone’s thoughts and is ceremonially cut when her labour begins.

The ritual is closed by all the women blowing out their candle at the same time. This candle is taken home and then lit once labour begins.

After the formality of the ritual, the more lighthearted side of things can begin. Flowers are woven together and the pregnant woman wears them as a crown and the women included in the ceremony then take turns to decorate her bump with a mandala, adding their own elements to it as it expands outwards. Food is served and enjoyed by everyone.

With all the woman in the party asked to attend with an open mind and with the intention of supporting Sam, the energy of this ceremony was one of great positivity. I am very fortunate to have been asked to facilitate this ritual and rite of passage. Thank you Sam for the opportunity.

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If you are interested in having a Baby Blessingway in your eight month of pregnancy, I would be very happy to facilitate it for you. Please get in touch by following the link below and sending me a message.

Love Suz x

Suz McDonald

Suz McDonald

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